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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dealwithus?

Dealwithus is a start-up by IIT-B students, it is India's largest cashback website providing guaranteed cashback on everything and every time you shop online from 400+partner websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Myntra, Foodpanda, Dominoes, Chumbak, Yatra(you can visit our website to check out various Dealwithus partner websites).This cashback amount can be used to recharge your mobile or you can directly transfer that money to your Bank account.

On which products is the cashback valid?

The cashback is valid on All the purchase you do online from shopping, ordering food, booking hotels and tickets, gift cards through our partner websites etc.

How can I earn cashback?

Follow 3 simple steps.
1)Sign up(Email id,phone number and password)
2)Go to the website that you want to do shopping from.
3)Go on a shopping spree and get cash back.
Note : The discount and other offers on partner websites remain as it is + you get Extra cashback in your Dealwithus Account.
Calculator : You can use Calculator feature on our website to calculate how much cashback you will receive.

How will the cashback be transferred in my account?

Once you shop on line, within 48 hours we credit the cashback in your account, this cashback goes in the pending amount section and after the product return window, you can use it to recharge your mobile or transfer the money to your bank account.
If you order food,the product return window is just 1 day, however websites like Flipkart and Amazon has a product return window of 30 days.

Is Dealwithus involved in product delivery?

No Dealwithus is not involved in product delivery,if you shop from Flipkart, Amazon etc, the delivery is done by Flipkart and Amazon and not by Dealwithus.

Do we need to have coupons everytime?

No coupons are not required, Dealwithus ensures guaranteed cashback on everything and everytime you shop online however sometimes Dealwithus comes up with special coupon codes for promotions which ensures huge cashback(So if you are lucky you may just grab a coupon during your college festival !)and if you have coupon code let others know too :)

How to make use of Coupon codes

Apply coupon code on the bottom left hand-side of the website and shop,the cashback will be transferred to your Dealwithus account.

Still have a Query?

We have live chat option on Dealwithus website, apart from that you can also ring Dealwithus on 9757418414 :)

Happy Shopping at Dealwithus.